Manuscripts should be in English. They should be written clearly and concisely. either in a LaTeX file (preferred) or in a MS Word file, along with the corresponding PDF file via e-mail to the Editor-in-Chief  (


The exposition's quality and the novelty of perspective/problem is the main contribution of an article.   Each paper should include section; whose heading is "Open Problems".   



The exposition's quality and the novelty of perspective/problem is the main contribution of an article.   Each paper should include section, whose heading is "Open Problems".  There can be "Background" section before, and an optional "Preliminary Results" section after.


The papers will be refereed within 60 working days of submission. Resubmitted papers will be refereed within 20 working days of submission.



Author Guide

If the manuscript be prepared using MS Word, basic font Roman 12pt size. The papers should be in English and typed in frames 14 x 21.6 cm (margins 3.5 cm on left and right and 4 cm on top and bottom) on A4-format white paper or American format paper. On the first page leave 7cm space on the top for the journal’s headings. The papers must have abstract, Mathematics Subject Classification and Keywords. All authors are responsible for understanding these guidelines before submitting their manuscript.


An abstract should be 100 to 200 words, and should clearly state the author contribution, and open problem of the paper. Abstracts must not include bibliographic references. 


Sections and subsections should be numbered as 1, 2, etc. and 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2 respectively. Capital letters should be used for the initial letter of each noun and adjective in the section titles, the section should be formatted as left, bold, times new roman, and 16pt font size. For subsection (left, bold, times new roman, and 14pt), the initial letter of first word should be capitalized. And also similarly for other sub-subsections (left, bold, times new roman, and 12pt).

Figure, Table and Equation

A table, figure, equation, and the corresponding text should be placed on the same page. Otherwise it may be placed on the immediate following page. Its size should be smaller than the typed area. A figure or photo should be labeled with ”Fig.” and a table with ”Table”. It must be assigned with Arabic numerals as a figure or a table number; the figure number and caption should be placed below the figure. The first letter of the caption should be in capital letter. The table number and caption should be placed on top of the table.Figures and tables should be placed in the middle of the page between left and right margins. Reference to the figure in the text should use ”Fig.” instead of ”Figure”. In the final formatting of your paper, some figures may have to be moved from where they appeared in the original submission. Figures and tables should be sized as they are to appear in print. Figures or tables not correctly sized will be returned to the author for reformatting.



This document can be used as a template for Microsoft Word versions 6.0 or later. You may open this document then type over sections of the document or cut and paste to other document and then use adequate styles. The style will adjust your fonts and line spacing. Please set the template for A4 paper (21 x 29.7 cm). For emphasizing please use italics and do not use underline or bold. Please do not change the font sizes or line spacing to squeeze more text into a limited number of pages.